JRL Land Surveying P.C.
New York State Licensed Land Surveyors
Mahopac, New York

Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

At JRL we have compiled an extensive database of survey information, including large subdivisions and apartment developments, shopping centers, business parks, and other commercial and industrial projects in addition to woodland and suburban residential properties. Our main focus is to make the construction process as easy and pain free for all the contractors, architects, and homeowners that might be involved and teach them about the importance of well laid plans.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: What is Land surveying and why do I need you?
A: A Land surveyor established your property boundaries, ground contours, and existing features which directly affect project design. Once a new project is conceived, a contractor and/or architect needs us to take the first step by providing them the measurements and details of a property necessary for construction.

Q: Is it absolutely necessary for me to use a land surveyor?
A: Whether you’re buying or selling or going to improve your property; your architects and contractors will most likely want to have a survey to base their plans off of. Some towns will even require that you have an updated survey from the past few years. It’s also of benefit for you to have your land surveyed as a document for your property investment and to prevent future land disputes.

Q: Aside from marking and measuring boundaries, what other services does a land surveyor provide?
A: Land surveyors will not only measure the perimeter of a property; they will also measure out the lay of the land to give an accurate location of objects on the property both natural and man-made.

Q: What steps do you take in your surveying approach?
A: We take a three or four step approach, depending on the property. We will begin with research on the property, the do some on-site “field location” work, and bring our results back to our office for computation and drafting. If the project calls for it, we will then mark off your property to finalize.